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Bluetext has worked with dozens of Private Equity firms to develop an effective brand strategy that drives leads and revenue for new acquisitions, mergers and rebrands in their portfolios. We work closely with specialists like The Vogel Group to assess the risk to investors of companies in regulated and closely watched markets. These may include sectors such as financial services, defense, and healthcare, as well as those that face scrutiny on privacy, cybersecurity, accessibility and similar issues that require an extra level of care and expertise. 

Find out how Bluetext can work with your Private Equity firm to develop and execute a strong brand strategy for your acquisitions.

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Learn how to assess the risks from regulators and legislators that oversee businesses within their jurisdiction.

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Read about the importance of a strong brand strategy for presenting any new or revitalized brand to the market.

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Check out our case study on how risk assessment and brand strategy worked for one acquisition that attracted lots of scrutiny. 

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